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Innovative SCM hands-free processing with Smartglass

Technology has always been a driving factor in the progress and efficiency gains of Supply Chain. The perfect example of this would be in the Goods Picking process or the Goods Receiving process.

Today, though the wearable technology is not still to the peak level of adaption, it is generating an increasing portion of the revenue. It is evident that the enhanced features of the Smartglass is becoming an attractive alternative to the existing Supply Chain technologies and we will be seeing many AR commercial solutions.

  • Mobile solution
  • Rich graphical user interface
  • Voice-controlled processing
  • Barcode scanning and image capture
  • Vision-aided processing
  • Gesture controlled
  • Hands-free processing
  • Potential low cost of ownership

Order Picking

  • Augmented reality (AR) picking using wearable technology combines the very best of vision- and voice-guided picking to produce a faster, hands-free solution for industrial environments.
  • AR picking uses smart glasses to merge virtual images and information with an operator’s surrounding environment. The operator wears the glasses, follows the commands given, and scans product barcodes all within the glasses’ display.
  • The combination of real-world and virtual information provides speed and accuracy beyond previous warehouse picking technologies.
  • Smartpick feature provides efficient picking of items with the earliest Expiry Date.

Item Receiving

  • PO Receipt allows you to receive a PO line into a specified warehouse and location using the Smart Glass to scan the item to receive and the location where the item will be placed.
  • The smart glass app can suggest the warehouse and location(s) where the quantity should be received.

Benefits of Order Picking and Item Receiving

  • Faster order fulfillment times
  • Receive an item into the correct warehouse and the correct location
  • Ensure the item with the earliest Expiry Date is picked
  • No infrastructure requirements. Smartpick is a 100% wireless solution
  • Very easy to use. 15 minutes of training and your picking team is ready to start
  • Error reduction up to 60% compared with paper based picking, and an increase in productivity the same time
  • 2X more productive compared to paper-based or RF Scanning based picking
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