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Azure Active Directory (AD) Service Offerings

At Vigilant, we provide Azure Active Directory services, a comprehensive directory, identity, and access management solution with integrated security for cloud and hybrid environments to our clients. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) enterprise identity service ensures single sign-on, multifactor authentication, and conditional access to help protect your business from all sorts of security threats.

Identity Management

  • Manage and secure identities
  • Synchronize on-premises directories and enable single sign-on
  • A single identity platform lets you engage with internal and external users more securely
  • Access Management

  • SSO simplifies access to your apps from anywhere
  • Conditional Access and multi-factor authentication help protect and govern access
  • Secure and manage customers and partners beyond your organizational boundaries, with one identity solution
  • Developer Tool

  • Developer tools make it easy to integrate identity into your apps and services
  • Reduce sign-in friction and automate the creation, removal and maintenance of user accounts.
  • Azure Cloud Migration Capabilities

    Cloud-only or Hybrid

    We can deploy Azure AD in ‘cloud-only’ mode, allowing users to sign in to their Windows PCs using the cloud directory service. Alternatively, we can also deploy it on your on-premise legacy infrastructure. Azure AD can be used as a local Active Directory as a master for account data and operate in a variety of hybrid modes.

    Threat Detection

    Whether in cloud-only or hybrid mode, Azure AD effectively enables single sign-on and centralized management for applications. This allows organizations to take advantage of state-of-the-art security measures, such as assessing the threat level of the user attempting access and being able to mitigate that threat – for example, adding multi-factor authentication.

    Scale IT Efficiencies

    Azure AD helps in reducing support time and costs by offering self-service password reset tools to your employees and allow IT resources to focus on high-value activities.

    Azure Insights

    Cloud Security Best Practices

    What are the major challenges organizations face while securing their environment? In this whitepaper, you will learn how to ensure security continuity with actional intelligence.

    How Security Changes with Cloud Networking

    In cloud computing there are two macro layers to infrastructure: The fundamental resources pooled together to create a cloud and the virtual/abstracted infrastructure managed by a cloud user

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