We’re in Unexpected Places

A boutique consultancy with a wide, global reach

Over the past 20 years, Vigilant’s consultants have been threaded into the data fabric of companies throughout North America.

Among them: The world’s largest mining company. One of the world’s largest sporting and entertainment companies. Hotel brands with locations all over North America, Europe and Asia. Large well-known manufacturers, retail chains, health systems and financial institutions.

Our technical experts are so good that even some the world’s largest technology companies use our services.

As a boutique consultancy, we have a sweet spot serving enterprises with complex, mission-critical business technologies.

We serve enterprises with revenues ranging from $100 million to $10+ billion, who are looking for reliable and intelligent solutions that are also agile and affordable.

Our customers are in the US, Canada, Europe (14 countries, including the UK), the Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America and India.

Our customers are also extremely satisfied. In fact, they are the primary reason for our growth over the past 20 years. They often recommend us, citing our high level of competence, accessibility and courtesy.

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