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Omni, a Customization Repository for Oracle E-Business Suite

Omni, a SaaS application developed by Vigilant, provides comprehensive insights to your Oracle E-Business environment. These assist with visibility and management of customizations as well as license management and security, among other uses.


  • A repository for all the application’s customizations
  • A real view of your user base within your ERP
  • Version control of all customizations
  • Remediation on throw-away customizations and reducing license usages
  • Impact analysis of customizations during a patch or upgrade
  • License usage within your Oracle ERP and underlying technology
  • Security analysis and best practices

Features & Benefits of Omni

Security Audit

  • Enables audit of all layers of the infrastructure starting from the Application layer to the OS layer. 
  • Provides recommendations for the End User workstation layer.

User Profile & Activity

  • Identifies the non-active Users in the system. 
  • Useful information contributed towards License Management.

CEMLI Catalog

  • Provides an in-depth view of customization footprints by Domain, Application as well as Complexity.
  • Single place to maintain customization
  • Maintain entire history of customizations
  • Repository to hold all related documentation
  • Group Customizations into Business Processes
  • Upload related documents

Upgrade Analysis

  • Provides detailed analysis of current customizations with the analysis & effort required to retrofit these custom objects into organization’s release 12 instance.
  • Provides accurate effort and cost analysis for the upgrade
  • Gives guidance to the developers on the technical change required for the CEMLI objects thus providing accurate effort and cost analysis for upgrade.
  • Provides recommendation for eliminating customizations never been used thus reducing the effort, cost and timeline of the upgrade project.

License Management

  • License Analysis providing insights of all over-board and under-board license usage towards Application, Database and Server.

Source Code Repository

  • Integrated solution to maintain the Source Code Version Controlling at various levels.

Recent Projects

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Location: USA, UK


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With OMNI, a customization repository for Oracle E-Business Suite, we providecomprehensive insights to your Oracle E-Business environment. For a customized briefing or to discuss about your organization’s need for EBS environment visibility and related concerns get in touch with us.