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What is a Digital Business Transformation?

Vigilant Builds Digital Transformation Strategies That Boost Your Bottom Line

At Vigilant, Digital Transformation (DX) isn’t just a buzzword — it’s a technology reality on which we’ve been  delivering for years.

For many people, Digital Transformation is a new way of looking at Information Technology (IT) to solve traditional problems and serve as a true driver of business performance — a tool that is embedded in every area of business to collect data for powerful visualization, analysis and action.

Digital Transformation also represents a shift in thinking away from traditional views of IT as primarily a service department, instead looking to IT to deliver performance improvements.

Since we were founded in 1999, Vigilant has always viewed IT as a profound driver of business performance and a tool that delivers value and competitive advantage. Today, there are simply more IT or “digital” tools to enable this shift.


New Tools for Transformation

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is one of the newer digital transformation tools that Vigilant offers, but we’ve been creating automated business applications and powerful digital tools for years. In the early days, we used screen-scraping tools that duplicated keystrokes and software development kits (SDKs) or custom programmed solutions. Today, RPA just makes automating business tasks and orchestrating automation of complex processes, easier.

In fact, RPA is one of the most powerful new DX tools to come to market, and in today’s tight labor market, especially for technical talent, it’s being viewed as a way to reduce the need for additional headcount and as powerful BPM tool to streamline operations. In fact, the 2018 Harvey Nash KPMG CIO Survey says 67% of companies plan to use digital automation to remove the need for additional headcount.

But DX tools also include powerful business intelligence tools, artificial intelligence and more to solve unique business challenges and pain points. Our Custom Digital Innovations practice routinely delivers custom solutions, such as our Unitask and Smart App products that solve unique challenges that save time and money. For example, we have unique digital tools that do everything from simplifying printing in a global enterprise to automated inventory solutions for manufacturers.

Within manufacturing, the concept of Industry 4.0 represents the digital transformation potential for those who make things, but many industries, from banking and mining to retail and agriculture, all find themselves in various stages of digital transformation. Vigilant has been helping leaders in many of these industries advance their strategies to make IT deliver better business results.

Ensure your Digital Transformation Delivers

At the same time, digital transformation has become a bigger push in business leadership, only 78% of CIOs believe their digital strategy is moderately effective. That’s why it’s important to partner with an experienced technology company that knows how to implement technology with maximum value extraction in mind.

Digital transformation can deliver powerful results, but intelligent strategy and execution can be the difference between DX that delivers and DX that falls flat. Vigilant has years of reference-able experience that can ensure your strategy and project is a success.

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