IT Infrastructure Services

From Cloud Storage and Databases to Hybrid Infrastructures, Vigilant is a Reliable Partner

We offer comprehensive advisory, professional and managed infrastructure services

Whether your data is on prem, in a cloud or weaved together in a complex hybrid, this truth is undeniable: data infrastructure is getting more complicated. That’s because the way data is stored, secured, shared and processed changes almost every day — causing new challenges.

To ensure your data is flowing quickly, securely and affordably 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Vigilant’s certified and experienced team offers comprehensive advisory, implementation and managed infrastructure services.

We support Oracle, Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases. We’re also certified partners for all major cloud services, including Oracle, AWS, Azure and Google cloud.


We can advise your enterprise on the best on-prem or cloud environments, designs and practices for your data. What’s more, our infrastructure team also offers professional and managed support, including as our popular 24-7 remote DBA services.

Popular Remote DBA Managed Services

Since 1999, Vigilant has offered high-quality database monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, and backup and recovery services to enterprises of all sizes. Whether you need managed services for on-premise databases or cloud environments, Vigilant can offer a flexible plan to help you meet your business objectives. Learn more here.

What’s Your Roadmap for the Future?

Our consultants can help you map the best plan for your changing data infrastructure needs, to ensure you get the most out of your assets at the same time you modernize at the right speed for your business.

In the future, automation will increasingly help with routine data management tasks, but the complexity of the system will still require high-level expertise to manage and support.

At Vigilant, we’re well prepared for the complex data infrastructures of today and tomorrow.

Comprehensive Remote DBA Service

Database Consulting and Advisory Services

  • Evaluation of health and stability of current database environments
  • Audits of database capacity, performance, security and license compliance
  • Planning and design for database capacity, performance and security
  • Independent guidance on technology selection — on-prem or cloud — based on business objectives
  • Comprehensive database backup and recovery planning services
  • Practical roadmap planning for database modernization and efficient scaling
  • Upgrade, lift-and-shift, migration and integration planning

Database Implementation and Professional Services

  • Database installations, configuration and upgrades
  • Orchestrated data migrations
  • Complex data integration projects
  • Project management
  • Schema/table verification and data ingestion
  • Pre-deployment testing
  • Deployment to production services

Comprehensive Managed Database Services

  • 24/7 monitoring, health checks, troubleshooting and resolutions
  • Root-cause analysis of all performance issues, such as application slowdowns
  • Proactive data storage administration
  • Continuous performance tuning, to ensure high availability
  • Installation of upgrades and patches
  • Execution of all scheduled tasks, including backups
  • Database recovery