Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

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What is an Oracle ODA?  The Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) is an engineered system that includes hardware, storage, networking, and software all preconfigured in an appliance developed by Oracle.  If you are familiar with Oracle technologies, then the best way to look at the ODA is to think of it as a two node Oracle Linux RAC cluster in a single box with shared storage and networking all included in the box.

Each ODA is shipped with the operating system, a pre-configured appliance manager, and a grid infrastructure pre-installed; which means it offers a complete stack for your database hosting needs.  Whether your company is looking for an appliance that provides great performance for online transaction processing (OLTP), reporting/visualization, or data warehouse-based workloads/units; for small to medium sized companies, an ODA features is hard to match with models starting at $18,500.

Simple, Optimized, Affordable

Customers enjoy how simple an ODA is to deploy, for example, a high availability (HA) database that use to require multiple weeks of your staff’s time to configure, can now be achieved in an hour or two. Additionally, with Data Pump, migrating to and from other databases is now a straightforward process that can be quickly completed, including common tasks such as migrating a single instance to a two note RAC instance.


Up and running in minutes

With Oracle Database Appliance, everything is simple—from sourcing right through to deployment and management. It’s engineered for simplicity and faster time to value, so you can run databases and applications on a single, managed appliance, with single-vendor support. Automation is key to Oracle Database Appliance’s simplicity. It’s based on standardized, proven configurations, meaning there’s no need for guesswork or specialized skills.


Purpose-built for Oracle Database

Oracle Database Appliance is specifically engineered for Oracle Database. All hardware and software up and down the stack are fully integrated and optimized for peak performance. This means you get predictable, proven results, with minimal effort. By running your databases on a purpose-built appliance—built on Oracle expertise and best practices—you know it will perform at its very best.


Up to 25% Savings

With a low entry price point and flexible licensing options, you can maximize the return on your IT resources. Many organizations waste IT spend on capacity they don’t yet need. Often, they don’t have a choice. Oracle Database Appliance is different. It’s completely flexible, so you can quickly scale up storage or memory when you’re ready.

Flexible ODA licensing options that save you money and grow with your business

Gain the Ability to Quickly & Easily Scale-Up Licensing (Even in Small Increments)

Oracle allows ODA users to obtain processing licensing based on their specific requirements simply by limiting its processor activation in the BIOS.  Even if all of the ODA’s CPU cores are disabled, it still allows all of the appliances storage a memory to remain available without restriction.

Because of this, an ODA practically pays for itself as it provides organizations the ability to configure multiple two-node Oracle RAC productions instances all while maintaining the ability to limit the companies licensing impact by limiting processor activation in the BIOS. 

Build-In Redundancy Safeguards your Data

ODA saves time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of high-availability database solutions.  Your data is safeguarded by the ODA’s built-in redundancy to compensate storage, network, power, cooling and server.  Because it is pre-built, pre-configured, pre-tested, pre-validated, and pre-tuned an ODA addresses all single points of failure within the system.

Why ODA Instead of a Custom Build?

Being able to access Enterprise level features without having to commit the time and resources that it typically takes to build this type of system means your projects can continue without delay, all at reduced risk as one trusted provider built this purpose-built appliance, Oracle!  Also, unlike build-your-own systems, Oracle Database Appliance lets you pay for the cores you need, when you need them through compacity-on-demand licensing.

The ODA is a reliable alternative for companies that do not need a big installation, but still want to maximize the simplicity of their deployment and its administration without sacrificing performance.  Not sure if an ODA or an Oracle Exadata machine is right for your company?

Already have an ODA?

→ Have you virtualized your ODA?
→ Are your licensed optimized for ODA?
→ Is your ODA right sized for your unique workflow and requirements?

Features of the Oracle Database Appliance

Database Templates Built-In

Helps ensure that the new instance being setup and deployed is aligned with Oracle’s ODA best practices and guidelines

Fast Deployment

Require High Availability (HA) at the instance layer? The ODA provides a turnkey solution, the deployment process takes less than an hour, at the end of which you’ll have a fully useable cluster and database available for your application to use


Want to spin up non-production instances? The ODA’s ACFS file system allows you to utilize snapshot storage, which enables effortless setup of new database instances

Always-On Database System

Your database does not have to go down if a component fails. Component failures are accounted for and the configuration is built with redundancy and single point of failures in mind

Virtualization Support

Enables the ability to share performances with additional services other than just the databases

ODA Appliance Manager Comes Pre-Configured

Responsible for Provisioning, Storage Management, Patching/Validation and Diagnostics.

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) – Products Available


Oracle Database Appliance X8-2S

The Oracle Database Appliance X8-2S is a fully integrated solution optimized to run single-instance databases. It simplifies deployment, maintenance, and support, saving you time and money.

  • Supports Oracle Database 12c and 11g Standard and Enterprise Editions
  • 10 cores
  • Up to 384 GB memory
  • Up to 12.8 TB NVMe flash storage
  • Virtualized or bare-metal


Oracle Database Appliance X8-2M

The Oracle Database Appliance X8-2M is different and is designed for mid-market and gives you more than double the processor and memory without doubling the cost.

  • Supports Oracle Database 12c and 11g Standard and Enterprise Editions
  • 36 cores
  • Up to 768 GB memory
  • Up to 51.2 TB NVMe flash storage
  • Virtualized or bare-metal

High Availability

Oracle Database Appliance X8-2-HA

Oracle Database Appliance X8-2-HA supports your mission-critical, high-availability database and application workloads. It reduces risk with built-in redundancy from the hardware through the software stack.

  • Supports Oracle Database 12c and 11g Standard and Enterprise Editions, RAC
  • 72 cores
  • Up to 1.5 TB memory
  • Up to 128 TB SSD flash storage and up to 300 TB HDD storage
  • Virtualized or bare-metal

Your Oracle Database Appliance, Your Way

With a complete range of use cases, you can use Oracle Database Appliance your way.

On Premises

Purchase the hardware and deploy it in your data center for complete control and security.

  • Complete performance, delivered securely
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Improved resource utilization for database workloads
  • Ultimate performance with all-flash systems

Development and Test

Deploy a purpose-built engineered system optimized for Oracle Database.

  • An appliance engineered for simplicity that delivers affordable DevTest
  • 10x lower core licensing costs with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition capacity-on-demand licensing
  • Quicker provisioning times and lower operational expenses
  • Greater productivity—each environment exists exclusively for each developer

High Availability

Ultimate uptime for your applications and databases.

  • Access data 24/7, and protect databases from both planned and unplanned downtime
  • Lower risk and uncertainty with a fully redundant, high-availability system
  • Reduce the service area of attack with a single-system patch feature
  • Receive support for Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC), Oracle Active Data Guard, and Oracle GoldenGate for high-availability solutions

Other Considerations

  • Purpose built appliance
    • One provider for the entire stack
    • Fully tested & compatible
  • Simplicity of deployment & administration
    • Optimized for Oracle database & applications
    • Easy to maintain
  • Reduced costs vs. a complete deployment
  • Superior performance & Virtualization support
    • Expanded portfolio & database support
  • Ease of spinning up non-production instances
  • Ability to disable CPU cores to reduce licensing fees
  • Ready for the cloud

Considering an ODA?

As an Oracle Database User, instead of buying HP or Dell servers, consider an ODA.  Oracles ODA provides simplicity, scalability, and robustness using a single Oracle instance all while running on a standard Linux VM that is hosted on a VMware cluster.  Enjoy effortless vertical scaling when more CPU or memory is required from a time-tested and industry proven machine that allows you to take advantage of the high availability features of VMware.

Want a futureproof alternative?  If you are considering a future shift to the cloud, the ODA enables your organization the ability to easily pivot to the cloud provider of your choice.

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