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Learn Why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Is Enterprise-Grade

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Security, Visibility, Transparent Pricing

The fast-growing world of cloud computing services is crowded. But do all those trendy new options really offer what your enterprise needs for success? As Oracle Cloud Partners — also certified in all major cloud services —Vigilant can demonstrate the pros and cons of each. So, you can select the very best infrastructure for your business.

At Vigilant, we are truly independent when it comes to cloud providers — we partner with all major providers. That menas we can also demonstrate why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the most premium enterprise-grade solution in the market.

For starters, did you know that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the first cloud built specifically for the enterprise?

Comparing AWS, Azure, or GCP? Learn More about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.
Learn How Oracle Cloud offers more for enterprises.

As the No. 1 provider of databases and business applications, Oracle has worked to ensure its cloud is truly enterprise grade. The premium technology leader has built an infrastructure platform that delivers unmatched reliability, scalability, security, and performance for mission-critical databases, applications, and workloads. It’s ideal for traditional and cloud-native applications.


Key Benefits of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Enterprise-Grade Private Virtual Cloud Networks: Designed from the ground up to deliver flexibility, security, availability, and superior bandwidth. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure lets you control all details of your network as if you have your own on-premises data center.

Storage Options For All Your Mission-Critical Data: From locally attached NVMe SSDs, to file, block, object, and archive storage, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has cost-effective options for every storage use case. The solution is backed by the industry’s only storage performance SLA.

Secure Access, Control Cloud Resources and Maintain Visibility At Scale: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers audit for visibility across all public API activities. Enterprise-scale identity and access management. Fine-grained control over all access and Tagging to organize, manage, and control your cloud resources.

Equally as important as its robustness, Oracle also offers cost-effective pricing for predictable cloud spending.

As an Oracle Platinum Provider, Vigilant can walk you through Oracle’s flexible cloud pricing model, and how it compares to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

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