Data Modeling & Reporting

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Having access to the right data in the appropriate context enables informed decision making to gain a competitive edge.

Companies lacking a comprehensive data strategy often have disparate data stores, which create conflicts, risk, and does not utilize employee’s time effectively.

Vigilant offers comprehensive data modeling, governance, movement, storage, and reporting solutions to create actionable data for organizations looking to achieve business agility. We offer support services that include advisory, consulting, implementation, and managed support.

Business Benefits

Increase Revenue Expand data utilization for improved decision making
Reduce Total Cost of Ownership Lower cost of data management and integrations through enterprise data management
Identify and Manage Risks Improved data processes and centralized data management create consistent and high-quality data to enable greater insights and identification of risks and issues
Supportive & Gain a Competitive Advantage with Adaptive Intelligence Improve decision making with auditable, traceable, and trusted data from a centralized and managed, ‘single source’ of the truth

Data Modeling and Reporting Services

  • Data Governance
    • Data governance coaching and mentorship
    • Data governance roadmap implementation
    • Creation of a data governance charter and governance policies, processes, standards & metrics
    • Communication & training
    • Ownership and accountability for data definitions, entities, & domains
  • Data Acquisition
    • Leverage intelligent automation to acquire external data sources where ETL/Middleware cannot receive data from a push/ pull/ poll
    • Use automation to structure reports/data to be easily utilized across the data lifecycle
  • ETL / Middleware
    • Define, design, and implementation of data integration between data sources and the data warehouse
    • Support enforcement of data governance standards
  • Data Warehouse
    • Identify a data warehouse solution
    • Design and implement (On-prem, Cloud, Hybrid)
    • Optimize data warehouse for maximized performance
    • Develop and implement BC/DR strategy
    • Data warehouse operation and management
  • Data Presentation
    • OLAP (R/M/H OLAP)
    • Reports
    • Alerts
    • Dashboards
    • Metrics & Scorecards
    • Collaborative BI
    • Mobile BI
    • Budgeting, Planning
    • BI Platform Rationalization
    • Report Migrations
  • Data Visualization
    • Data Discovery
    • Data in Motion
    • Dynamic Data
    • Visual Querying
    • Multi-Dimensional
    • Interactive, Intuitive & Self Learning
    • Benchmarking-as-a-Service
    • Strategy Roadmap

Vigilant Logo is an easy choice

  • One Vigilant We provide comprehensive, experience-based solutions, that pulls inputs from any of our 300+ employees to ensure we are utilizing the right technologies, to exceed our client expectations.
  • Accelerated Data Optimization We approach business transformation by accelerating the path of actionable data to enable business agility. We use a methodical approach for eliminating data debt across the data lifecycle, from acquisition to reporting.
  • Increased Path To Customer Value Our solution design and delivery best practices ensure we expand the value of our solutions to optimize and transform business processes. We don’t work on solving problems of today, but also creating avoidance of tomorrow’s challenges.
  • Maximized Return On Investment Our craftsmanship and real-world experience in all aspects of technology establishes cost-effective use of the appropriate technologies to ensure returns are accelerated and the long-term cost of ownership continues to return value to your organization.
  • Business Agility Our approach to transformation is simple and rooted in experience. We focus on accelerating and streamlining the path of actionable, high-quality data in expertly crafted solutions to create business agility.

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