Application Modernization

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Enterprise organizations are transforming legacy processes to flexible, modular application development management portfolios by implementing next-generation processes defined by speed, efficiency and resilience.

Organizations are adopting the agile approach in application development to enhance their digital transformation smartly, while keeping pace with the competition and the changing marketplace with positive customer experiences..

Vigilant’s Expertise in Modernizing Technologies, Frameworks, and Platforms

Vigilant can help in fulfilling your vision of the software development process by understanding the complexities and nuances of your company while designing and implementing solutions that will align with your technology environment.

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Our Approach to Application Modernization

Process Improvement Custom software streamlines and accentuates what makes your company stand out, while increasing productivity, capacity, and scalability.
Business-First Approach We design your business software based on your needs and your vision, not by trying to force your business into prepackaged programs or preconceived notions and “making it fit”.
Teamwork Taking a deeper look at the needs of your business and people, we work with your team to build the exact software system you are looking for.

Application Modernization Services

Use Case Discovery We help businesses in their modernization journey. With our platform agnostic model and deep technological expertise, we implement solutions for a wide spectrum of workloads. We aim to deliver predictable results while managing the scale, cost, and complexity of enterprise deployments.
Proof-of-Value Vigilant’s Proof-of-Value (PoV) service is an opportunity for you to take a deeper dive into your applications technology and the value of cloud platforms at a low-cost and low-risk entry point for your organization. It helps in determining the right technology platform for your business, in a rapid yet contained way, without disrupting existing systems.
Implementation After our successful PoV service, you may consider cloud for broader deployment across the organization. In this phase, we will create implementation roadmaps, project plans with cross functional dependencies, and templates for documenting cloud opportunities. We will also define the acceptance plan for your cloud solution, provide testing and training services and support you through the entire implementation lifecycle.
Application Support Our help does not just stop with building and deploying your cloud application. We will manage, monitor, and continuously optimize your cloud application, while providing infrastructure and system support.

Vigilant Logo is an easy choice

  • One Vigilant We provide comprehensive, experience-based solutions, that pulls inputs from any of our 300+ employees to ensure we are utilizing the right technologies, to exceed our client expectations.
  • Accelerated Data Optimization We approach business transformation by accelerating the path of actionable data to enable business agility. We use a methodical approach for eliminating data debt across the data lifecycle, from acquisition to reporting.
  • Increased path To Customer Value Our solution design and delivery best practices ensure we expand the value of our solutions to optimize and trasform business processes. We don't work on solving problems of today, but also creating avoidance of tomorrow's challenges.
  • Maximized Return on Investment Our craftsmanship and real-world experience in all aspects of technology establishes cost-effective use of the appropriate technologies to ensure returns are accelerated and the long-term cost of ownership continues to return value to your organization.
  • Business Agility Our approach to transformation is simple and rooted in experience. We focus on accelerating and streamlining the path of actionable, high-quality data in expertly crafted solutions to create business agility.