Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

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Oracle EBS Suite, Upgrades, Implementations
Oracle EBS Suite, Upgrades, Implementations
Oracle EBS Suite, Upgrades, Implementations

Increasing IT Efficiency while Optimizing Cost

Public Cloud, IaaS and PaaS, presents an opportunity to drive efficient consumption of IT. According to Gartner, focusing on efficient use of cloud services brings immediate and tangible financial benefits. Unfortunately, most organizations are unprepared to profit from this savings opportunity and they’re likely to overspend. At Vigilant, we understand this well and we specialize not only on opertional efficiency but also on cloud cost optimization.

Real-World Use Cases for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Here are some of the IT workloads moved by Vigilant to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that resulted in improved performance & lower IT costs.
  • Oracle EBS
    • 50% reduction in infrastructure costs
    • 80% reduction in clone duration
  • Oracle Database
    • 25% reduction in TCO for license & support
    • Autonomous cloud tooling for operational efficiency
  • Oracle Data Warehouse
    • Better performance for analytics
    • Autonomous cloud tooling for operational efficiency
  • Oracle Analytics
    • Rapid deployment of KPIs with built-in automation and ease of use
    • 70% higher ROI than traditional on-prem deployments
  • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Quick deployment using Marketplace images
    • High IOPS block volumes for better performance
    • License & Support included
  • Identity & Access Management
    • Role Based Access Control
    • Easy federation with on-premise AD or Azure AD
  • Integration
    • Lower maintenance for SOA ecosystems by moving to SOACS
    • Deploy new composites on Oracle Integration Cloud without needing to maintain the underlying infrastructure
  • PCI Compliance CDE
    • Piggyback on Oralce's Attestation of Compliance (AoC) to build compliance environments quickly & efficiently
    • Isolate your CDE from other workloads for tighter controls
  • Monitoring
    • Observe and manage multi cloud deployments with a single pane of view
    • Centralize logging and improve auditing compliance

Vigilant’s OCI Services

We help businesses in their cloud journey. With our cloud agnostic model and deep technological expertise, we implement cloud solutions for a wide spectrum of workloads. We aim to deliver predictable results while managing the scale, cost, and complexity of enterprise deployments.
  • Use Case Discovery Vigilant’s Use Case Discovery can automatically identify your company’s workloads that are best suited for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) – empowering you to accelerate your cloud journey and quickly scale up cloud use across the enterprise.
  • Proof-of-Value Vigilant’s Proof-of-Value (PoV) service is an opportunity for you to take a deeper dive into the value of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) at a low-cost and low-risk entry point for your organization. It helps in determining the right cloud for your business, in a rapid yet contained way, without disrupting existing systems.
  • Implementation After our successful PoV service, you may consider cloud for broader deployment across the organization. In this phase, we will create implementation roadmaps, project plans with cross functional dependencies, and templates for documenting cloud opportunities. We will also define the acceptance plan for your cloud solution, provide testing and training services and support you through the entire implementation lifecycle.
  • Managed Services Our help does not just stop with building and deploying your cloud solution. We will manage, monitor, and continuously optimize your cloud consumption, while providing infrastructure and system support.

OCI Advantages

Cloud Network Enterprise-Grade Private Virtual Cloud Networks Designed from the ground up to deliver flexibility, security, availability, and superior bandwidth. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure lets you control all details of your network as if you have your own on-premises data center.
Storage From locally attached NVMe SSDs, to file, block, object, and archive storage, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has cost-effective options for every storage use case. The solution is backed by the industry’s only storage performance SLA.
Cost Savings Up to 75% Cost Savings When businesses use cloud effectively, we have seen operational expenses & TCO reduced by up to 75 percent.
Secure Access Secure Access, Control Cloud Resources and Maintain Visibility at Scale Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers audit for visibility across all public API activities. Enterprise-scale identity and access management. Fine-grained control over all access and Tagging to organize, manage, and control your cloud resources.

Recent Projects

Lift & Shift On-prem Workloads to the Cloud Marketing Modules: Virtual Cloud Network, Storage, CIS Hardening, DB Migration, Coldfusion App Migration, Web Application Firewall Location:USA
DB & SOA Cloud Service Manufacturing Modules: DBCS & SOACS Provisioning and Patching, DNS Setup, Implement Purging, Monitoring Scripts, Hypercare Location:USA
Lift & Shift On-prem Workloads to Cloud (OCI) Manufacturing Modules: Migrate Entire On-perm EBS Stack to Cloud Location:USA
EBS DR on OCI Engineering Location:USA
CMiC DR on OCI Construction Location:USA
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