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Migration Director, a Process Automation Tool for Oracle EBS

At Vigilant, we are innovators who specialize in custom business application development. Over the years, we have developed affordable custom technology products that integrate with existing business applications and are reliably used by companies nationwide. If your enterprise has a challenge that could be solved with a new business application or tool Vigilant can help.

Unitask Migration Director - Build | Promote | Deploy

Unitask Migration Director is a reliable and repeatable automatic method of moving changes within the Oracle EBS environment – eliminating the burden of manual, labor-intensive changes associated with Oracle EBS. 

Deployable for all versions ranging from early versions of 11.5 through the latest updates of R12, Unitask Migration Director is a transparent native application that installs in approximately two (2) hours and adheres to all native EBS practices.


  • A graphical enterprise view of all Oracle EBS instances
  • A comprehensive view of all Deployed Packages – identified per system
  • Expedited migrations via from any VCS or Non-VCS repository to any EBS instance
  • Pre-impact analysis & rollback
  • Automated package documentation for all changes
  • Why Choose Unitask Migration Director


    • Transfer
    • Shortens windows to apply changes
    • Accuracy with Efficiency


    • Transparent w/ ALM & VCS
    • Process Integrity
    • Trace-ability


    • Segregation of Duties
    • Audit-ability of the process
    • ROI is under 6 months

    Unitask Migration Director Benefits


    • Roughly 2 Hour Deployment
    • No Additional Hardware


    • Supports 11.5.9 to R12.X
    • VCS & CCS Enabled


    • Native EBS Interface
    • Zero Error Migrations


    • Full Service & Support
    • Native EBS Security

    ROI - Price-Ability

    • 6 Month ROI
    • Unit or Enterprise

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    Unitask Output Director | Start your journey today

    With Unitask Migration Director, a Process Automation Tool for Oracle EBS, we deliver outstanding ROI by simplifying or eliminating the need for tedious manual tasks. For a customized briefing or to discuss your organization’s process automation needs get in touch with us.