Digital Transformation Solutions

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We help companies achieve business agility through innovation, experience, and the intelligent use of next generation technologies.  The future of business is now.

Why Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of applying digital technologies to create or modify business processes, culture, and customer experiences, to accelerate the response to rapidly changing business and market requirements.  Digital technologies include electronic tools, systems, and devices that generate, store, or process data. 

Moving to digital is critical for businesses to gain insights into each step of a customer’s purchasing journey, to enable the delivery of a personalized and relevant customer experience. 

Vigilant supports: 

  • Engaging customers through best use of technology 
  • Streamlining your business processes 
  • Eliminating repetitive, manual tasks 
  • Enhancing productivity and efficiency 
  • Creating actionable, quality, and standardized data 
  • Unlocking business agility

Why Accelerated Data Matters in a Digital Age

Data is the lifeblood for most businesses, so our solutions focus on accelerating the path of data to empower businesses with (near) real-time data to create business agility.  Imagine a world where historical, current, and predictive data is instantly available at your fingertips.  That world is now, and Vigilant is your partner that can get you there. 

Vigilant focuses on accelerating the path of digital data through data capture and data digitization, data transformation and quality, data transportation and connected data, and data analytics and reporting.   

Vigilant Digital Transformation Services

Vigilant is proud to offer core services that help clients achieve their desired digital and transformation goals, including: 


Digital Transformation Strategy and Advisory Achieve enterprise business agility with Vigilant’s innovative, experienced, and practical approach to delivering achievable benefits. Learn More
Digital Customer Engagement Solutions Enhance your client and vendor experience by leveraging AI, ML, Chatbot, Low-Code/No-Code, and other speed to market tools that modernize and improve critical relationships. Learn More
Application Modernization and Development Upgrade and enhance legacy application data capture to accelerate business processing Read More
Business Process Optimization / Intelligent Process Automation Improve business process throughput and maximize ROI of your process automation using Intelligent Process Automation and Robotic Process Automation (IPA/RPA) Read More
Finance & Accounting Process Optimization Modernize finance and accounting processes to deliver predictable business outcomes Read More
Data Integration, Middleware Services, Vigilant Data Integration & Middleware Automate the data exchange that connects the backbone of your organization Read More
Data Analytics & Reporting Unlock the hidden potential of your data Read More
Managed Services Managed Services and Talent as a Service Allow our experts to run and execute your most critical business processes Read More

Engaging Evolving Technologies

We are continuously identifying technologies that can have promise for adding value then prototyping and field testing to assess the validity of the developer claims. Most VC-backed companies are trying to recoup their investments, so we look for value-based opportunities that deliver on manufacturer promises. Our approach intends to reduce the risk of transformation to deliver expected outcomes.

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  • One Vigilant We provide comprehensive, experience-based solutions, that pulls inputs from any of our 300+ employees to ensure we are utilizing the right technologies, to exceed our client expectations.
  • Accelerated Data Optimization We approach business transformation by accelerating the path of actionable data to enable business agility. We use a methodical approach for eliminating data debt across the data lifecycle, from acquisition to reporting.
  • Increased Path To Customer Value Our solution design and delivery best practices ensure we expand the value of our solutions to optimize and transform business processes. We don’t work on solving problems of today, but also creating avoidance of tomorrow’s challenges.
  • Maximized Return on Investment Our craftsmanship and real-world experience in all aspects of technology establishes cost-effective use of the appropriate technologies to ensure returns are accelerated and the long-term cost of ownership continues to return value to your organization.
  • Business Agility Our approach to transformation is simple and rooted in experience. We focus on accelerating and streamlining the path of actionable, high-quality data in expertly crafted solutions to create business agility.