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Whatever your business case may be, for modern businesses utilizing the cloud is no longer an if, but a when. From a simple lift-and-shift to setting up complex hybrid or multi-cloud environments, our team has migrated hundreds of workloads to, from and within the cloud. We can help you determine which cloud strategy meets both your current and future needs, all while getting you the best return on your investment. Connect today to discuss how we can migrate a workload of yours to the cloud at our expense for a true POC, so you can have 100% confidence in your cloud decision before moving forward.

We Support Cloud Native Migration Paths

  • Architecture & Design Sessions
  • Application Migration & Modernization
  • Refactor & Rearchitecture of Existing Workloads
  • VM Lift & Shift to Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud Intelligent Security
  • Hybrid Cloud Advanced Networking
  • VM & Application Workload Assessments

Architecture & Design Sessions

Vigilant Technologies offers a comprehensive architecture and design workshop and deep dive white boarding engagement to ensure that your team follows hybrid-cloud Well-Architected Framework(s).

The Vigilant approach for deep dive workshop design sessions is to provide best practices and capabilities and to provide clarity for best practices to improve the quality of a workload.


The Vigilant Cloud design framework consists of five pillars of architecture excellence:

Cost Optimization:

Managing costs to maximize the value delivered.

Operational Excellence:

Operations processes that keep a system running in production.

Performance Efficiency:

The ability of a system to adapt to changes in load.


The ability of a system to recover from failures and continue to function.


Protecting applications and data from threats.

Application Modernization & Modernization

When your team decides to modernize your web applications or services and move them to the cloud, you don’t necessarily have to fully rearchitect your apps.

Vigilant Technologies has a vast resources of SME’s with industry experience to drive your rearchitecting initiatives by using an advanced approaches like microservices, service fabric and PaaS.

Depending on the type of application, rearchitecting an app also might not be necessary. To optimize the cost-effectiveness of your organization’s cloud migration strategy, Vigilant will consider the needs of your business and requirements of your apps.

Vigilant Technologies will walk your team through all phases of modernization:

  • – Which apps require a transformation or rearchitecting.
  • – Which apps need to be only partially modernized.
  • – Which apps you can “lift and shift” directly to the cloud.

Refactor, Rehost, Rearchitect, Rebuild

As part of the hybrid cloud strategy, Vigilant hybrid-cloud approaches provides growing solutions for migrating on-premises applications and workloads to the cloud.

With careful planning, our team can comprehensively assess your on-premises resources to figure out how they’ll run in any cloud platform. Then, with a deep assessment in hand, we can ensure your team can confidently migrate resources to Azure, AWS, Google or Oracle.

The goal at Vigilant Technologies is to follow a basic formula for success:

  • – Define and Align Business drivers and goals.
  • – Propose a comprehensive best practices architecture.
  • – Identity steps to perform the migration.
  • – Provide recommendations for cleanup and next steps after migration is finished

Lift & Shift to Cloud

Vigilant Technologies can help your organization quickly assess a lift and shift approach for your servers, apps, databases, and other workloads to cloud using the migration approach that’s right for your business.

There’s no single cloud migration process that works for every organization, but the main implementation stages are similar for all organizations and industries: define your strategy, make a plan, ready your organization, and adopt the cloud—then govern and manage your environment.

The Vigilant Technologies Migration Approach is a proven methodology that’s designed to help you through all stages of your project with confidence—from cloud assessment and migration planning to securing and optimizing your environment.

Intelligent Cloud Security

Vigilant Technologies can ensure that your team leverages existing solutions and connect to and collect data from all your sources including users, applications, servers, and devices running on-premises or in any cloud.

Integrate with existing tools, whether business applications, other security products, or homegrown tools, and use your own machine-learning models. Optimize for your needs by bringing your own insights, tailored detection’s, machine learning models, and threat intelligence.

Network Engineering Cloud Services

With our cloud agnostic connectivity solutions, our team will demonstrate the art of connecting cloud and on-premises infrastructure and services, to provide your customers and users the best possible experience.

Vigilant Technologies has the staff and expertise to fully support your hybrid or all-in cloud strategy using networking services built on hardened solutions from leading telecom providers like Equinix, ATT and Verizon.

Our team of engineers and solution architectures will ensure that you get the most from your Hybrid-Cloud or open-source solutions and workloads with highly reliable performance and secure connectivity.

VM & Application Workload Assessments

With our cloud agnostic connectivity solutions, our team will demonstrate the art of connecting cloud and on-premises infrastructure and services, to provide your customers and users the best possible experience.

The Vigilant approach for Hybrid-Cloud provides a powerful platform that is highly suitable for large enterprise IT environments with stringent compliance and data protection requirements. 

When planning your migration, Vigilant will consider the pros and cons of the four key migration strategies based upon the automated data collection approach for workload assessments:

  • – Rehost
  • – Refactor
  • – Rearchitect
  • – Rebuild

Develop Your Cloud Strategy Now

From Cloud Assessment And Migration Planning To Executing, Leveraging And Managing Your New Cloud Solutions, We Are There For You


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Why Choose Vigilant to Migrate Your Infrastructure to the cloud?

In Short, our Experience.  Let us help you:
  • Reduce operational costs, while increasing IT effectiveness
  • Gain access to deep database & cloud migration expertise
  • Reduce cloud migration timeframe & reduce cloud migration risk
  • Ensure proper security, governance & compliance
  • Verify that you don’t have any license complications
  • Get the performance you expect for the best price possible; our cloud developers are equipped with mission-built tools, automated frameworks, audited processes and proven best practices

Our Recent Projects

SPROTT Finance Services Client

Oracle Financials & EPM Implementation| App Managed Support

Modules: General Ledger, Assets, Payables, Receivables, Cash Management, Loans & Lease Management, and Planning

Location: USA

GoLive Date: 2020

AVIVA Insurance Client

Oracle Planning & Budgeting Implementation

Modules: Planning, Budgeting, and Reporting (Essbase)

Location: USA, UK

GoLive Date: 2020

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Vigilant has helped hundreds of companies on their journey to the cloud. We take a business consulting approach and can help educate you and your team – which will make planning for the cloud future less intimidating. For a customized briefing or to discuss your organization’s end-to-end cloud infrastructure adoption & migration needs, get in touch with us.