There is no B-Team at Vigilant.
We hire top talent …


We know the difference between success and failure often comes down to talent — highly competent IT consultants vigilant about getting the job done right.


An Oracle Platinum Partner with
20 years in business …


We’ve carefully cultivated a global team of highly educated, certified, and experienced professionals — as savvy in business as they are in technologies.


Exceptional service and delivery,
highly recommended ...


With Vigilant, you’ll never be another ticket in a huge consultancy. Instead, you’ll have dedicated account managers and access to practice leaders.


Dedicated to delivering results that matter …


At Vigilant, we have always been believers in business-driven IT management. We have a deep understanding of how technology can be used to advance the business.

More than Oracle Consultants

Our Mission is to Serve

For 20 years, Vigilant has delivered premium advisory, professional and managed IT services to enterprises looking for value, flexibility and excellent service. Our IT consultants develop deep and lasting partnerships with the companies we serve, by providing reliable guidance and services for both traditional and disruptive technologies. Vigilant is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, and has offices in Toronto, Canada, and Hyderabad, India. We provide Oracle, Microsoft and Blue Prism services.

Oracle Consultant Services in the USA Oracle consultant in Canada Oracle consulting in India

An Agile Team of Expert Consultants

From traditional IT to digital transformation

We’re unique in many ways, but especially so among cloud services companies — we provide services for all the major clouds, including AWS, Azure, GCP and Oracle. We also support a wide range of enterprise Oracle and Microsoft needs, as well as AI and RPA.

Oracle cloud and Oracle Consulting services from Vigilant Technologies

We’re Oracle Superheros

At Vigilant, we make Oracle easy. But you’d expect that from one of the largest Oracle consulting practices in North America. Whether you need managed services for an Oracle on-prem or cloud application, to migrate from E-Business Suite to Cloud ERP or are considering a move to Oracle’s new cloud infrastructure — the true enterprise cloud —  Vigilant has a certified and experienced team of more than 200 Oracle consultants that can help.

DBA Services, Oracle database, remote database administration services

Fast, Reliable Data Infrastructure — Guaranteed

A database isn’t just the brain of a business, where all the vital data is stored, secured and processed. It’s also the heart, and it must pump reliably and strongly to keep business moving. Vigilant’s experienced DBAs have been successfully keeping Oracle, Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases humming for 20 years. We’re also certified partners for all major cloud services, including Oracle, AWS, Azure and Google cloud.

Oracle BI data analytics and business intelligence

Make Your Business Data Come Alive with Insights

As IT specialists in business for two decades, we know how to make data come alive. Vigilant delivers intuitive dashboards and interactive tools that give business leaders the insights they need to drive the business. Whether you are looking to use Oracle analytics tools, Microsoft Power BI or Tableau, Vigilant creates visual dashboards that help decision-makers see what’s important in real time.

RPA bots by Vigilant Technologies - Robotic Process Automation

Get Hyper-Efficient with Bots for Business

Vigilant now has a Center of Excellence to help businesses streamline and automate business processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. RPA is a control center for software bots that — through programming, learning and artificial intelligence — process data in business applications like human workers do, but better. Whether you’re looking to automate a single task or transform your enterprise with RPA, Vigilant can drive a successful digital strategy for your business.

Consultations are Complimentary

Our Clients

Vigilant is proud to serve as a trusted IT advisor to companies in many industries across North America and the world.