Simplify Your Cloud: OCI, AWS & Azure

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Simplifying YOUR Cloud

Trying to navigate the cloud can be complex and overwhelming, so we built systems, processes, and tools to support simplifying the cloud into tangible solutions and achievable benefits. We strive to simplify your IT infrastructure so your valuable IT resources to focus on supporting business initiatives.

Every organization has a different journey to the cloud. We do not force-fit solutions technology, but rather we work to understand your objectives and impediments to customize a roadmap that brings you the success and ability to enable your business to excel.

Vigilant helps organizations transform their IT environment to increase speed and scalability to enable business agility and responsiveness to market demands. We provide cloud consulting services that help companies navigate their way through the cloud to optimize returns on their cloud investment. Our team of experts work with you to gain a deep understanding of your IT objectives, organizational dynamics, and the business you serve to develop tailored solutions that enable your IT infrastructure to support your business today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Cloud Services

We offer comprehensive cloud consulting services that are designed to support your IT infrastructure needs, regardless of whether you have on-premises, cloud, or hybrid models. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, we can help. Our services include:
Cloud Strategy and Planning
  • Cloud Readiness
  • Cloud Strategy and Planning
  • Roadmap Development
  • Cost Benchmarking and Business Case Development
  • Cloud Governance and Cloud Portfolio Management
Cloud Architecture & Technology
  • Cloud Reference and Technical Architecture Development
  • Cloud Technology Planning and Implementation
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Native Architecture and Development
Cloud Deployment, Migration, and Optimization
  • Cloud Deployment and Implementation
  • Cloud Ecosystem Design and Implementation
  • Cloud Native Development
  • Workload Migration to Cloud Legacy
  • Portfolio Migration and Modernization
Logistics management
Managed Cloud Services
  • Security
  • Incident Management
  • Automated Audit Reporting
  • Cost Savings
  • Expertise
  • Disaster Recovery
Digital Transformation Services
  • Cloud Automation
  • Reporting
  • Middleware
  • Application Modernization and Containerization
Cloud Cost Optimization
  • Single Pane visibility of Workloads
  • Increase scalability
  • Improve system reliability
  • Gain insights into cloud usage, performance, and costs
  • Integrate on-premises and cloud solutions
  • Modernize existing applications
  • Deploy containerized applications for improved scalability and cost savings.

Our Cloud Journey

We were first introduced to supporting cloud services in early 2010, when many clients were looking to move their Oracle EBS instances to cloud environments to reduce their IT operating expenses and improve scalability. For over 10 years we have been moving customers from legacy infrastructures to cloud, cloud to cloud, and just about any other instance you can think of. Our experience with navigating the diverse cloud infrastructures gave us the understanding of the difficulties, which led us to developing our cloud frameworks, processes, and tools.

As one of the premier Oracle partners in North America, we are experts at moving IT infrastructures and Oracle applications onto an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) or off OCI and onto another cloud infrastructures that align to your objectives, such as AWS, Azure, Google, and others.

Why Choose Vigilant to Migrate Your Infrastructure to the cloud?

We have a dedicated Cloud Infrastructure Centre of Excellence team that helps businesses in their cloud journey. With our cloud agnostic model and deep technological expertise, we implement cloud solutions for a wide spectrum of workloads. We aim to deliver predictable results while managing the scale, cost, and complexity of enterprise deployments.
Committed to Quality Deliver customized solutions to meet organizational requirements irrespective of the size of the organization
Customer focused
Customer Focused 100% of our customers are referenceable
Wide experience
Broad Experience 20+ years’ of experience and expertise in cloud, databases, DevOps, middleware, analytics, and more
Supportive & Responsive 24 x 7 x 365 support to our customers’ need
Flexible Managed Service Plans Guaranteed 15 minute or less response time for critical issues
Key Service Highlights Guaranteed SLAs, Pay as you use and expand scope on-demand

Cloud Assessment Service

Vigilant provides a fully automated solution for your Cloud Assessment, Cloud Migration, Disaster Recovery & Backup needs, named Vigilant EVO. Vigilant EVO is a Cloud and Application agnostic solution that supports the evaluation and assessment for migration and protection of any Windows, Linux, Kubernetes, and OpenShift system, from any Datacenter, into any cloud, and from any cloud to any other cloud. Even transformation from Kubernetes to OpenShift, and vice-versa is seamless.

Vigilant EVO Cloud Assessment
Vigilant EVO provides a fully automated evaluation of your IT resources to deliver an output from our Assessment tool to provide the necessary data to plan a Cloud Migration, includin

  • Inventory all compute, memory and storage assets
  •  Analysis and identification of over and under provisioned resources
  •  Right-sizing recommendations
  •  Identification of application affinities to aid wave planning.

Vigilant Assess discovers information about Origin workloads, everything about the underlying hardware and software to determine the exact Target instance to be provisioned in a Target Cloud for a Migration or to protect workloads via DR/Backup.

Assess generates cost prediction for individual workloads and entire environments in a simple and easy to use interface for multiple Cloud environments.

Assess can generate graphical representation of connected Hosts for application affinities

Longer term analysis can be done to measure and analyze key performance metrics over time including peak and averaged values. This information can be used for right sizing or autoscaling operations to optimize economies in the Cloud.