Serving Airports Across North America

Vigilant Technologies is Oracle’s ‘go-to’ partner for Airport Modernization Assessments, and we are the ONLY North-American based, Mid-Market Oracle partner who has successfully implemented Oracle’s SaaS software at North American Airports.

Airportmodus is Vigilant’s rapid approach to managing Oracle implementations in the airport industry with a specific focus to leveraging Oracle’s offerings and providing a fully-integrated solution using SaaS, PaaS and IaaS to deliver a seamless solution that is transparent to the end users while providing comprehensive solutions for all aspects of the Airport’s operations.  Our proprietary rapid implementation methodology reduces the implementation timeline and cost and allows our customers to achieve a faster return on investment.

Why Oracle Cloud for Airports?

  • 20%-40% Total Cost of Ownership Reduction against legacy on-premise solutions
  • Integrated Suite of Business Applications
  • Single Source of Truth
  • Transactional Business Intelligence Reporting (OTBI)
  • Modern User Interface
  • Enhanced Business Functionality proactively rolled out by Oracle quarterly
  • Fusion Cloud Applications are the cornerstone for analytics, reports and custom-built applications as the Airport’s needs evolve.

Benefits of Oracle Cloud for Airports

  • Automating mundane processes. Built-in ML/AI dramatically improves automation & AI-powered digital assistant is a plus
  • Greater return on investment. Oracle Cloud ERP customers have a project ROI that is 4 times higher than on-premises ERP
  • Faster merger integration. Common and constantly up-to-date ERP platform has enabled agility in mergers and acquisitions
  • One cloud platform. The simplicity in ERP gives consistency across UX, processes, planning and analytics & data

Wayne County Airport Authority Case Study

  • Fusion ERP Financials, Procurement, Advanced Collections, Employee Expenses Self-Service ERP & Procurement
  • SCM – Manufacturing
  • EPM Enterprise
  • HCM Cloud, Performance/Goals, Workforce Planning, Help Desk, Recruiting, Workforce Health/Safety,
    Talent Management, Workforce Compensation, Payroll, Time and Labor, Learning

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Calgary Airport Authority Case Study

  • Fusion ERP Financials, Procurement, Capital Management, Risk Management
  • SCM – Manufacturing, Product Management, Order Management
  • EPM – Enterprise

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