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Oracle Applications Oracle Applications North American Leader in Oracle Cloud ERP Applications. Moving from on premise applications to the cloud can be complicated. So can moving from one cloud app to another, or integrating on-prem and cloud apps. Vigilant makes the transition easy. Learn More
IT Infrastructure IT Infrastructure Accelerate Your Cloud Journey Whatever your business case may be, for modern businesses utilizing the cloud is no longer an if, but a when. From a simple lift-and-shift to setting up complex hybrid or multi-cloud environments … Learn More
Intelligent Automation Intelligent Automation Helping You to be Future Ready with Process Automation! Processes have become more complex than ever; and market dynamics is constantly changing. So businesses across industries are turning towards RPA… Learn More
Licence Compliance Compliance Simplifying PCI Compliance With the industry leaning heavily towards digitization, small and medium businesses face new challenges in today’s IT world. Having an online presence is essential to keep your business growing. Learn More
Security & Networking Security & Networking The Future of Network Security is in the Cloud According to Gartner, Digital business transformation inverts network and security service design patterns, shifting the focal point to the identity of the user and/or device — not the data center. Learn More
Application Modernization Application Modernization Helping Organizations to become Agile Enterprise organizations are transforming legacy processes to flexible, modular application development management portfolios… Learn More