Prism Proactive Monitoring Suite

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Vigilant’s Proactive Monitoring Suite – Prism

Vigilant uses Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) to monitor client environments. We facilitate both centralized and distributed OEM deployments. We use OEM to monitor applications, databases, middleware, hardware, cloud, engineered systems and so on. On top of the base functionality of OEM, we have over 200 custom scripts that are Oracle EBS centric. Our monitoring tool also integrates with the ticketing system to autogenerate tickets for critical alerts.

Vigilant’s Prism Proactive Monitoring Services

Vigilant’s Ticketing System

Robust Collaborative tool

Automatic Ticket Assignment
Single Interface Communication
Ticket Collaboration
Time Tracking Against Tickets
Reports Interface Communication
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Recent Projects

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DB & SOA Cloud Service Manufacturing Modules: DBCS & SOACS Provisioning and Patching, DNS Setup, Implement Purging, Monitoring Scripts, Hypercare Location:USA
Lift & Shift On-prem Workloads to Cloud (OCI) Manufacturing Modules: Migrate Entire On-perm EBS Stack to Cloud Location:USA
EBS DR on OCI Engineering Location:USA
CMiC DR on OCI Construction Location:USA