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Data Conversion – Accelerating Data Extraction

We help you with your data migration challenges

A data migration is an integral part of any successful Oracle Cloud ERP implementation. As such, it must be given the priority that it deserves (at the planning stage) in order to fully and successfully participate in the overall successful ERP implementation.

  • Scope and approach strategy defined
  • Tools to prep & extract data for migration
  • Resources capable of driving the conversion effort
Resource Utilization Extract, translate, format and data load requires assistance from your resources
Other Challenges Coordinating data loads with testing increases complexity
Additional Timeline Data conversion tasks increase project timelines
Risk Factor Variety of sources & extract tools increases risk

The Challenges

Vigilant’s Data Conversion Solution

Our cloud-based data conversion approach provides a platform that delivers cost savings towards combining all your critical data from different platforms, formats, and locations into a secure single point of access.

Data Conversion Advantages

  • Common platform to migrate data from any source system to Oracle Cloud
  • Easy to use with high level of automation
  • ‘Plug and Play’ toolkit with Excel capabilities for data cleansing
  • Traceability via rigorous audit process
  • Setup Source and Target connections
  • Easy to understand migration errors
  • Audit tracking log
  • Pre-Built E-Business queries to extract data
    • Finance
    • HCM
    • SCM
  • Manufacturing & Planning
  • External source file accepted for migration
  • Portable for every quarter releases

Key Benefits

Accelerate conversion tasks
Faster cloud migration
Data validation efficiencies
Cost effective
Decreases project risk
Reduce workload for your team