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Vigilant + Rackware

Vigilant and RackWare have partnered to deliver a unique set of advantages to Oracle Cloud customers. With RackWare, Vigilant can help organizations accelerate and automate data migrations across all major physical, virtual and cloud environments. By relying heavily on automation and proven solutions, we can:

  • Simplify the migration process with just a few clicks
  • Scale up or down to meet the needs of the business
  • Offer flexible support for physical, virtual, and Cloud Migrations

Our Collaborative Solutions

Cloud & Data Center Migration With RackWare Management Module (RMM), Vigilant will move your workloads between private, public or hybrid cloud environments, and expand and contract resources as needed. We can accelerate and automate data migrations across all major physical, virtual and cloud environment
Disaster Recovery Vigilant will help you in managing backup, scaling to the cloud and automate necessary functions with RackWare’s disaster recovery solution. With this it will be easy to protect your data from any disruptions without interrupting your business.
Hybrid Cloud Management RackWare’s Hybrid Cloud Management is a complete solution for organizations having resources across a wide variety of environments with requirements to maintain and manage legacy systems. At Vigilant, we can help you with rapid deployment, a quick time-to-value, lowering IT expenses while still optimizing application performance.

Non-disruptive Replication
Global Coverage
Universal Protection from Disruption
Dynamic Provisioning for DR Deployments
Transaction consistency of workloads
Ability to handle complex Enterprise datacenter
Cloud Infrastructure Administration
Unique AutoParking and AutoScaling across Clouds