Creating Operational Efficiency in Finance and Accounting with Intelligent Automation

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Stop your certified accountants from performing manual and repetitive tasks

Our experience advising, consulting, supporting, and implementing systems and operational efficiencies in Finance and Accounting has shown us that most accountants are not utilizing their college degrees.  Many certified public accountants have become excellent at downloading reports and converting to Microsoft Excel data reports, only to apply formulas and PivotTables to create actionable data, which is time consuming, repetitive, and laborious.  Other accountants are performing manual and repetitive tasks, such as applying cash, entering supplier information, applying cash, reconciliations, journal entries, invoice registration, and many other tasks.

We strive to eliminate Excel as a key system of record

Our BHAG with automation is eliminate Excel from accounting floors (Shocking! We know!!) and provide accounting and finance teams with readily available, accurate, actionable data.  We do not want to automate the downloading of reports, but rather, we strive to provide already downloaded, validated, structured, and supplemented data that is presented in a proper output that allows accountants to analyze and interrogate data to identify risks and opportunities.

Less common use cases we’ve solved

You might be aware of basic RPA use cases in finance and accounting, but here are some less common use cases we’ve automated:
Finance and Accounting Datamart To consolidate accounting data, validate data, supplement data, and create a central data repository for finance and accounting teams to work from for a single source of the truth.
Accounting Dashboards To bring actionable data to the fingertips of the accounting teams and executives without having to create individual schedules or manually compiled reports.
Account Reconciliations Our approach wasn’t to develop account reconciliations individually, but we cracked the code to reconcile accounts en masse. Our innovative approach accelerated a global accounting team’s account reconciliations from a week to a number of hours and an estimated million dollars a year in savings.
Logistics management
Accounts Payable, Invoice Automation Our innovative approach with invoice automation wasn’t just to use intelligent automation technologies, but also to safeguard the financial systems. We extracted data from invoices then validated, derived, supplemented, and matched to ensure invoice data was complete and comprehensive before submitting to financial systems. Data requiring AP team support was able to easily identify the missing information to resubmit the data back into the process. Our process goes above and beyond the typical automated process to bring impactful efficiencies and cost savings to the AP team. We do not believe in shifting work from data entry to data correction, or other practices that create data debt for an organization.

Consider These Questions:

  • Does your team feel overwhelmed with disorganization and inefficient accounting processes?
  • Are your team members tied up with mundane, repetitive, and manual tasks or grunt work, when your team could be doing more to analyze and interrogate the financials?
  • Are you having trouble hiring or retaining quality resources for manual data entry tasks that require high accuracy?
  • Is your team more experienced in Microsoft Excel and data assembly than the analysis required to identify risks and opportunities?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then Schedule a Consultation to learn how Intelligent Automation could be saving your company time, money and the challenges that come with inaccurate or late work.

What we cover in an Intelligent Automation Consultation

  • We level-set on intelligent automation definitions to be aligned on terminology and the tools we use in our automation and transformation toolbox.
  • We explain our best practices and approach to illustrate how our we create automated solutions and value for your organization.
  • We review our criteria for identifying process automation candidates and align criteria with your organization.
  • We work with you to review your organization’s business operations to identify process candidates for automation and develop a backlog.
  • If automation tool platforms (RPA, OCR, BPM, etc) have not been selected, we work with you on selecting the right platforms for your organization.
  • We work with you to build a business case and a thoughtful roadmap for execution.
  • We make certain you have our support throughout the journey to ensure you are educated on considerations for what works and what doesn’t, why certain approaches don’t make sense for certain organizations, how value is gained and not eroded (e.g. high implementation costs, not considering the total cost of ownership), and any other questions you may have.

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