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  • 200+ Referenceable Customers
  • 100+ Successful Cloud Implementations
  • 300+ Consultants ready to engage
  • 20+ Years exceeding expectations
  • 200+ Referenceable Customers
  • 100+ Successful Cloud Implementations
  • 300+ Consultants ready to engage
  • 20+ Years exceeding expectations

Does this sound like you?

  • Challenging User Adoption Struggling to ensure smooth user adoption, training, and change management for your Oracle Cloud Applications?
  • Advanced Reporting Requirements Finding out-of-the-box reporting insufficient to meet your unique business needs?
  • Navigating Technical Expertise Needing specialized skills to effectively manage and optimize your applications in the complex Oracle Cloud environment?
  • Future-Ready Configuration Concerned if your system’s configuration aligns with both your current and future operational needs post go-live?
  • Performance Monitoring Concerned about monitoring the performance of Oracle Cloud Applications after implementation and address any performance issues promptly.

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  • Once you choose Vigilant, our team will seamlessly integrate with your operations, providing expert support and proactive monitoring.

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Why choose us?

Partnership & Transparency We eliminate ‘black box’ support models and act as an extension of your team, ensuring you are aware of risks, issues, and opportunities.
Flexible Managed Service Plans Choose from a range of options to meet your specific needs and budget.
Global Coverage We operate across North America, South America, and Asia, providing global support.
Dedicated Service Delivery Manager You’ll have a dedicated leader overseeing service execution and supporting new initiatives.


What our clients have to say
Vigilant has been a true partner in our success at Major League Sports Entertainment (MLSE). When our project was in jeopardy of missing its Go-Live date due to Challenges with a previous implementation by a Large Global Company, Vigilant stepped in and ensured a timely launch. Their unwavering support spanned all project phases, and their expertise was evident as they seamlessly guided us through implementation, including Oracle Cloud for our subsidiary, Argo's. The Post Go-Live support provided has been exceptional, and we continue to benefit from their Application Managed Support Services. Vigilant's dedication is evident as they are now our preferred choice for all subsequent projects. Their contribution has been pivotal to our ongoing success.
We highly recommend Vigilant, the IT firm that rescued our project from a disappointing design phase implemented by The Big 4. They made crucial changes to ensure the configuration met our requirements, provided solutions for critical needs, and conducted seamless system integration testing. Vigilant also updated training manuals and performed excellent User Acceptance Testing, Cutover planning, and Go-Live. Their ongoing support for our Application Managed Services and involvement in Phase 2 activities have been invaluable.
Navigating the intricacies of HCM & Taleo modules requires expertise, especially when it comes to critical aspects such as federal tax returns and ACA reporting. That's where Vigilant stepped in for us. Their managed support services have been invaluable in ensuring all our modules and associated integrations run smoothly. They've adeptly tackled all the complex challenges, from Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return to ACA Reporting/Transmission. The peace of mind knowing that such crucial facets of our operation are in the hands of true professionals is immeasurable. This team's genuine ability to adapt to our needs and offer support beyond the initial scope is unparalleled. A sincere thank you to the Vigilant team for their unwavering commitment and expertise
When seeking a solution provider for Oracle Cloud ERP, we evaluated vendors based on industry experience, technical competence, project management, and value assurance. Vigilant consistently emerged as our top choice. Their exceptional technical ability, transparency, and commitment to value were evident from the outset. From Payables and Receivables to Supply Chain Planning, every module was implemented with precision. Their on-going applications managed support ensures our operations in areas like Order Management and Product Life Cycle Management remain streamlined and efficient. A big thanks to the Vigilant team for their expertise and unwavering support.

Meet Our Team

Amresh Gupta Director, Oracle Applications
Linda Cardinale Director, Customer Services
Brandon Dugan Director, Regional Sales
Sreeja Sunkara Manager, Oracle Applicaitons

Oracle EBS Suite, Upgrades, Implementations, Vigilant, Preferred Oracle Partner is an easy choice

  • One Vigilant We provide comprehensive, experience-based solutions, that pulls inputs form any of our 300+ employees to ensure we are utilizing the right technologies, to exceed our client expectations.
  • Accelerated Data Optimization We approach business transformation by accelerating the path of actionable data to enable business agility. We use a methodical approach for eliminating data debt across the data lifecycle, from acquisition to reporting.
  • Increased Path To Customer Value Our solution design and delivery best practices ensure we expand the value of our solutions to optimize and transform business processes. We don't work on solving problems of today, but also creating avoidance of tomorrow's challenges.
  • Maximized Return on Investment Our craftsmanship and real-world experience in all aspects of technolog establishes cost-effective use of the appropriate technologies to ensure returns are accelerated and the long-term cost of ownership continues to return value to your organization.
  • Business Agility Our approach to transformation is simple and rooted in experience. We focus on accelerating and streamlining the path of actionable, high0quality data in expertly crafted solutions to create business agility.