Top Five Companies Using Blue Prism as their RPA of Choice


Top Five Companies Using Blue Prism as their RPA of Choice

As the market leader in RPA, Blue Prism is lining up an impressive list of global companies as customers. Blue Prism gives Fortune 500 companies a digital workforce to do repetitive administrative tasks. Below are five companies that have made Blue Prism their RPA platform of choice.

Walgreens has about 8 million customers shop in one of its stores or online daily across the United States. It is one of the largest drugstore chains in the country. When Walgreens began updating its HR and payroll systems, it turned to Blue Prism for help.

Because it had a hiring freeze in place, Walgreens relied on technology to handle the extra work. Blue Prism took over the most labor-intensive work for Walgreens. Employees were freed up to manage customer-focused work.

Therefore, Blue Prism RPA system entered Walgreens’ repetitive HR data related to the estimated 2,000 employees that are out on a leave of absence on any given day. Blue Prism improved Walgreen’s HR efficiency by 73%.

Coca-Cola, the world’s largest beverage company, consolidated its HR and Finance organizations.

It turned to Blue Prism’s RPA to improve its operational performance.  The digital workforce worked 24-hour shifts and gave employees the time to enhance their customer-experience work.

However, the consolidation took time because Coca-Cola asked the right questions. The company focused on departments that had the highest number of manual HR processes. It identified 150 different processes.

Also, HR was running and auditing eight different sets of data on various reports. Employees were running reports, having their audited and formatting them. This was time-consuming and inefficient. Now Coca-Cola’s HR group is running HR audits with Blue Prism’s digital workforce.

Blue Prism resulted in a significant time savings and efficiency for Coca-Cola, said Karla Younger, Vice President of HR Services: “Blue Prism’s Digital Workers helped us enhance the customer experience by liberating human resources to spend more time on issues that might be affecting customers.”

Shop Direct Group Financial Services Limited is a credit, insurance and warranty provider. It was in the midst of launching a new anti-theft insurance product protecting customer IDs.

However, a smooth launch required the company to predict the number of customer applications, know when the peak times were and determine the number of new employees needed to do the work.

Because Shop Direct had previous experience with Blue Prism, they knew the RPA platform could handle the work. Staff did not manually set up the new product in each customer account. Rather Blue Prism did the work. The RPA system processed 47,000 transactions per month.

WorldHotel’s is an exclusive collection of unique and independent hotels around the world. It has more than 500 affiliate properties in 65 countries.

However, it is not a chain nor a franchise operation. Each hotel has a unique character and identity. Still, WorldHotels offers management and marketing information that must be uploaded and used by each hotel. It was a manual system that put extra workload on WorldHotels because the company had to check each hotel’s use of the information.

For instance, one information system offered special hotel rates for certain customers and customer groups. The hotel company ensured that the correct rates and rate levels were offered to the right customers.

World Hotels used Blue Prism to automatically audit hotels and send reports to the hotels and the WorldHotel’s account manager.

Using Blue Prism gives WorldHotels a great deal of control and flexibility. Now they can adjust the audit schedule, add new hotels and remove hotels that are no longer part of the system.

Siemens AG is a global engineering company focusing on electrification, automation and digitalization with some 380,000 employees worldwide.

The largest manufacturing company in Europe, Siemens has long embraced RPA as art of its digital strategy. The company is using Blue Prism as its RPA service for its worldwide business lines.

One of Siemen’s challenges was how to address automating an entire business processes chain. The company created an intelligent automated Digital Workforce. It used a blend of technologies and systems including IBM Watson, Google Cloud, Microsoft and Blue Prism.

“To ensure that we experience rapid results in the implementation of RPA projects and business successes, the development of in-house RPA expertise and close cooperation between IT teams and business leaders is critical,” said Nikolas Barth, head of Innovation and Digitalization.

At first, Siemens automated 50 processes and 80,000 working hours. Within a year, the company improved efficiency further by automating 170 additional processes and 280,000 working hours.

The result: cost reduction, quality improvement and faster response times.