White Paper


Comparing Public Cloud Providers

The Cloud Wars Are Heating Up, which means that comparing cloud infrastructure providers is more important than ever. While you may be comparing Google Cloud to AWS and Azure. But it’s Oracle your business should really be considering — at least if you’re an enterprise concerned about performance, price predictability, security and ease of use.


The DBA’s Fear-Free Guide To The Future

The DBA’s Fear-Free Guide to the Future is a 10-page report that is an invaluable resource to DBA’s who are concerned about the future of their profession. It contains the facts about supply and demand for DBA services and why DBAs should be confident about the future.


The Essential Guide To Automating Business Processes

How difficult (or easy) is it to implement a digital workforce? Does it require new talent? How can you extract the most value quickly? This white paper was developed as a practical guide for businesses who want to capitalize on the new opportunity that Robotic Process Automation technology has unleashed.